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New Campaign! First 2 sessions.

Mar. 30th, 2018 | 01:38 pm
mood: sicksick
posted by: ladyguen in lunas_grove

Dawnfire (Ranger)
Wynter (cleric)
Phoenix (can't remember atm, mage of some kind)
Valon (barb/bard)

Starts out with all of us in Various parts of the world we are a part of. Wynter and Phoenix, twins are from the realms as is Dawnfire. Valon is not, I don't remember where he is from. The twins were in Waterdeep (I think?) Dawnfire was currently in Talonwood. As Dawn was entering a house she blacked out. She woke up in an unfamiliar world with unfamiliar people around her. We decide to trek to the village we spot in the distance. As we were traveling to the village we heard something very large headed from the forest. The large creature turned out to be a giant. He was asking for help, said he ate something bad. Well about then he collapsed shortly after we see a set of hands come out of his mouth. The bad things turn out to be some undead looking goblins, 4 in total. (I think?) Needless to say the giant did not survive this. After we kill the goblins we restart the trek back to the village.

As we approach the village we are noticing claw marks and other damage to the walls. When we make it inside the village, we start talking to an older woman I'm going to call mother because I don't remember her actual name. She tells us the village (I'll have to find my notes to remember the name, I'll fill that in later) is being attacked by small forces of goblin and other creatures. Also tells of someone else that came to the village for the same reasons we did. That he traveled with the wolves of the forest. We end up agreeing to track down the goblins and deal with them in exchange for room and board. We decide that tracking them from the area the hill giant found us would be the best. Eventually we end up following their trail to a cave. This is where first session ends.

Second Session starts with fighting a few goblins at the entrance and Dawn hearing the goblins saying they were glad they weren't with the main army. We take out all of the ones in the cave entry and start exploring the rest of the cave. To our right we find a sleeping area, when Valon enters the room he gets attacked by several goblins. We also manage to take them down and decide to spike the door closed and take a short rest. After the short rest we find a few of them waiting for us to exit the room. After that combat,we go to explore the rest of the cave. We find an area that looks like an arena with a catwalk running along the wall of the circular room. On the catwalk in the back of the room stands a man in robes flanked by 2 guards. Dawn and Valon walk into the room (might have been just Dawn I kinda don't remember) After and exchange with the man in robes (won't go into the dialog would just take too much time.) combat starts when a pile of bones that were in the room rise up and goblins enter from a door below the catwalk. This battle goes bad quick but we manage to exit out of the cave and camp not far from the cave.

During the night watches we heard some movement in the area. After we are all rested there is some discussion and we decide to check and see if the movement we heard during the night was the rest of the army returning to the cave. We discover that indeed the army did return. We also have an encounter with the person Mother told us about. The original plan was to draw them out a few at a time but that plan ended up not working. So we go in take a few goblins out in the front of the cave. We go back towards the arena to find several goblins and archers, and mid fight the man in the robes flank most of us with what we think is the rest of the army. The fight is brutal I think all of us were knocked out and one point or another during this fight. We win the battle but none of us are in the best shape. This concludes the second session.

I'll come back to fill in the parts I missed after I look at my notes. I do apologize if I missed anything from the second session I didn't take notes as most of it was combat and atm I'm on cold meds so My memory not to great at the moment. So until next time.

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Last week.. Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Jun. 12th, 2007 | 03:50 am
music: Sarah McLachlan - Fallen
posted by: ladyguen in lunas_grove

So among all the items we find a ring of 3 wishes. Problem is we had to use it right then. Tylnn gets help with some spell he was trying to cast. Chufton and I decide to use it for information. After debating about what to get information about I finally decide on the portal. So we decide I'm to make my wish first and and Chufton would base his of the information I got back. So I make my wish and disappear. Only to reappear in the last place I wanted to be .. smack dab behind the huge ass throne in the bone castle. So they try to figure out where I ended up at and ask Warrl if he can talk to me and of course he can't. So they start debating on options, honestly I don't know what was said I had my mind elsewhere.

So I'm standing behind this throne wondering how the heck I was gonna get myself out of this one. I do however notice that the portal isn't feeding the creature energy. The creature is actually blocking the portal. Then I hear a voice I'm very familiar with.. Havar. From the sounds of it the 3 clerics and Brint (the bodyguard) are all standing in front of the throne. Havar is yelling at the creature seated in the throne about going through the portal behind the throne. Starts yelling about all the sacrifices he'd made to get to that point. The creature tells him no, that his sacrifices were not enough and that he would die the second he stepped through the portal. Then I hear the beginnings of several spells. Next thing I know I see Havar being lifted up by the leg. The rest stop their casting immediately. I start seeing the portal blocking spell wavering. I'm getting glimpses of what lies on the other side. I decide if it came down to it I'd just dive through the portal and take my chances there.

Meanwhile the creature is beyond angry, seems Havar was going to try to charm him. He then proceeds to rip Havar's leg completely off. With blood spurting everywhere he simply tosses him up in the air. Care to guess where Havar lands? Oh yeah right smack at my feet! I'm freaking out at this point wondering if I should do anything for him or just let him die. He starts pointing at me and I'm silently begging him to not say anything. When the decision is made for me and he dies. About this time the rest of the group appear. After a few moments the creature seems to point at someone and says "Go get his body!" So were freaked out .. cause we just knew we were busted. Chufton starts digging for a scroll. Brint looks at us and says "oh, shit!" shakes his head and simply grabs Havar's body and proceeds to drag it off.

So Tylnn start waving our hands to get Chufton to quit digging and not cast. We hear "You, rez him!" So the cleric rezes him and we see the same display Havar gets ripped apart and tossed behind the throne. Brint gets told to drag the body again. It repeats a couple of times, 2nd time Havar's body sticks to the ceiling for a short time. Only this time when told to rez Havar you hear the cleric say "I can't I don't have the magics to bring him back again." So she dies in the same gruesome manner. Tells the next cleric to rez the cleric he had just killed. Only this cleric refuses to do so. He gets so angry at this cleric that the block on the portal is completely gone now.

We take advantage and dive through the portal. We find our selves in a city made that looks to be completely made of crystal. It dawns on us that this is the city they had been searching for all along. We search the town a bit but don't come up with any answers. Wandering around we come to a gate with 2 huge guardians on either side. We discover that they are there to not allow anyone in. Then we realize that Louis has disappeared again. Moments later we see the two guardians take of running through the gate. Dreading Louis had managed to tick them off I start to go through the gate to help when the guardians just come to a halt and stand there.
Louis appears grinning, apparently he found the device that controls them. He gives the control to Tylnn and then with the golems behind us we continue our search of the city. So we found out the name of the city ...The City of Forever. (or something like that.. I'd have to check my notes)

So Chufton decides to do a legend lore on the city. Apparently the creatures of this city were practically demi-gods themselves. Turns out they willingly sacrificed themselves to help remove the goddess' name from existence. That the golems standing guard actually used to be one of the creatures that once lived here. About now, a creature that looks a lot like the golems walks up and smacks Chufton out of the spell. Says he's about to kill us and we start trying to explain why we were here and he listens. Then tells us we are now the reason that the armies can now come through the portal. Apparently only someone with good intentions could walk through portal and open it. That the creature we saw on the other side of the portal was in fact the goddess herself. Find out his name is Kesal.

About this time the golem that was left with us shoves the cleric off his shoulder and starts running in the direction we came from and notice there are several others headed in the same direction. So Tylnn shoves the control in the hands of Kesal.. he disappears and Chufton teleports us to the gate we originally came through. To see two big hands holding open the portal and tons of what looks to be undead dwarven golems. Kesal appears between the city and the portal and starts casting. Chufton starts a spell but aborts it when he feels the earth beneath him start to move. Turns out the rock was simply forming armor around him. Then the golems start standing in a circle around all the casters in defensive poses. So we start popping off wall spells to block the entrance but they keep disappearing the next round. So I conjure an swarm of small elementals. Then we start throwing the biggest spells we have available. Jade goes to stand next to Kesal. Louis, Kal and Warrl wade into the fight but Warrl ends up a long way from us.

Out of ideas, Tylnn places his hands on Kesal's shoulders and asks if he could sacrifice spell levels to help out. Kesal accepts and starts tossing spells again. Next round I do the same. Soon after Kesal we both see through Kesal's eyes that the clerics and Havar made it through the portal and were converging on Kal and Louis. Sensing Warrl is hurt I cast my flying spell and race to get to him to heal him. When I get there I heal him and tell him to try to back out and help Kal. So I summon a greater earth elemental and have it and the golems protecting me to beat on the golems that had Warrl trapped. Sometime during this the cleric makes it to Kal and somehow gains control over his arms and makes them skeletal and has no control over them. So the cleric makes him attack Louis who is barely hanging on and is missing an arm.

Then Tylnn tries a turn undead on the arms and they explode. So Kal stands there defending Louis with no arms. I manage to get back to there with Warrl and get a mass cure spell of and heal them some. I cast a wisdom draining spell over the area I saw Havar in and Tylnn casted some spell that makes them visible. Havar manages somehow to switch places with Tylnn not only switch places but also appearances. So Tylnn runs back to where Kesal is because he knows Kesal will see him for who he really is. He later casts a spell that has a chance kill and send their souls to hell. Chufton who is currently in the guise of a black dragon was standing on them and felt them disappear. With no back up Havar is at a loss of what to do, or it seems too look that way. Tylnn however manages to get a spell that would holds Havar in place and prevent him from moving or casting. But not before he managed to get a fairly nasty spell on Chufton. Kesal manages to get a epic dispel on him and dispels all magic on him. So Chufton changes into a very big iron golem and starts attacking the warrior in front of him.

So I turn into a elemental myself and start attacking the warrior that is attacking Chufton and kill it. We see Brint start heading in Kal's direction and are stunned to see him take a defensive pose in front of Kal. Then we see Havar drop to the ground unconscious from the rose spell. Chufton flattens him with one of his arms. Brint says "I never liked him anyway." Turns out Havar had him charmed since the age of 12. It finally broke when Havar was slain by the goddess. He heads to Kesal and we finish up the golems. We come up too see the two talking and heard Brint saying he no longer wanted to live with what he'd done and wanted to die. So we see him cast a spell on Brint and he drops to the ground. Also in the middle of all this Jade sacrifices herself by letting Kesal cast 2 epic spells into her. She blew up in the portal and burned away the hands that were holding it open. By the end the portal was completely gone.

Kesal tells us how to get out and a week later, Louis and Kal have their arms back and Jade is with us again.

That's it till next game.

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Jun. 12th, 2007 | 02:04 am
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music: Queensrÿche - Silent Lucidity
posted by: ladyguen in lunas_grove

I've almost have it caught up, honest! So over the next few days and a lot of research, we find out that we knew exactly where the city they are looking for is. We had found a huge creepy bone castle in the middle of a huge bone forest. I may come back and give more details but it's far too long a story. After Chufton legend lores the places the effect that was draining us was one of the castles defenses. That any good characters that went into the area had to fight some invisible force, any evil that did was almost instantly enslaved. Also we find a like 75 foot creature inside sitting on a bone throne. That the creature, the castle and forest are timeless, that there wasn't a time that they didn't exist. Also find a portal that is feeding the creature. At this point the creature appears to look directly at Chufton and does the same spell on him.

So we begin research on how to get around this effect, to realize none of us had seen Louis the entire time. So we look through the tree and rest of the grove and don't find him. So I try scrying him to find that I can't. I go find Tylnn and he casts something to find him and it doesn't work either. So I do a commune with nature to be told he went north. So Chufton and I head north and we run into the cave of an orc that had been hanging around the grove wanting gold. So we decide to check on him while we were in the area and see if he possibly saw him. Orc is dodgy at first, then eventually he tells us that Louis was safe. Then tells us that he and Louis and been clearing out hell hounds of the forest around the grove. Being assured that he was ok and he still considered the grove home we head back.

We go back to the research and a couple of hours later Louis shows up. We greet him .. ask how his night as been. Chufton says we know you've been clearing the forest. Louis blinks and asks how and all Chufton implies that he knows all... So he starts telling us about how they've been patrolling up near Shadowdale and the hell hounds near the grove and the drow that had been hanging around. He asks Chufton if he can identify some times and starts pulling stuff out of his bag and just placing it on the table. Everyone ends up with some little magic item.

next last week's session!

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Highmoon and other travels

Jun. 12th, 2007 | 01:35 am
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music: No Doubt - Love me
posted by: ladyguen in lunas_grove

So after several days of travel we find Highmoon and head to into the first tavern we see. We spent some time goofing off then we decide to backtrack and go through the forest we had passed by. So traveling through the forest we come to a huge lake. After much debate we decide to go around the lake. As the sun goes down we find a place to camp with watches as usual. During one of these watches we are approached by humans saying that we are on their masters land and we needed to leave now. So we argue back and forth like this for a while, finally we tell them we're leaving and teleport back to Highmoon. We ask around about this forest asking if anyone owned the forest and the only answer is no.

So we decide to teleport back to the spot we were camping at and find the men had taken over our camp. They argue with us some more and call for back up. The back up ends up being a hill giant unluckily for us. So we retreat to the water behind us and so they start throwing boulders at us. Warrl ends up getting trapped under it. Chufton goes to cast cone of cold and ends up freezing over the top of the lake. So Kal makes it to land and starts attacking the giants and I go to back him up. So we manage to kill a few of the giants and 1 flees, we suspect he died later due to spells we had going on him. So problem, Chufton's hands were frozen to the lake.. Warrl was frozen to a boulder that he was under. During the fight they manage to get Chufton's hands unstuck. Tylnn casts something to make himself strong enough to lift boulder, but we end up having to peel Warrl of the boulder. We managed to get him healed up but there's nothing we can do for his crushed hips.

So we go back to Highmoon to recover, mostly Chufton and Warrl. So for a week I go through the ritual of poring every bit of my healing magic into Warrl and going down to the tavern. We start looking around for something we can do for Warrl and Chufton. Turns out someone everyone referred to as the "old hag" said to have some kind of potion that will help them. So Tylnn goes to the hag's house and turns out she does have the potions. However, she's wanting a very unusual payment for them. Says she'll give him the potions if he'll sleep with her. He refuses and goes back to the tavern and asks for the strongest thing they have. We find him drunk and he tells us he can't get the potions, that she was asking for too much. We press him for more answers and get nowhere. So I go see the hag to see if I can persuade her to give them to me, only to have the door shut in my face. So I camp at her doorstep thinking she'd eventually come out for something. I give up a few hours after dark.

Leaving Jade and Warrl in Highmoon we see if we can get any further in the forest. We run into a pack of very large worgs (or it might have been just wolves) looking for food and start surrounding us so I tell them where they can find several hill giant bodies. Thankfully they go the direction I point in. After a lot more traveling we find what looks to be an elven village. The elves don't even notice they are there at first. Their eyes are glazed over and seem to be staring off into space. Chufton tries to get closer and they try to attack him but don't seem to have much coordination and take several stabs at just picking up the spear. Every once in a while they grab something from their belt and eat it. Soon the elves start attacking each other when one gets to close to the other. So Chufton tries to get one of the bags they are eating out of. Somehow he ends up with part of what they are eating and tries a small piece of it and is er.. out of it for several hours.

So we start looking for the source of the drugged food and find several bags of it in a building. Tylnn does some scouting of the area and toward the center of town he finds a white haired person standing outside of a giant tree. When Tylnn returns to tell us what he saw we teleport back to the grove to start researching the drug we found. We come to the conclusion that the old hag might know what it is. Tylnn of course is refusing to go but won't say why. So Chufton ends up going to find out if she knows anything. She lets him in and starts showing him some system she had for purifying water with some white powder. After discussing this for a while Chufton decides it's time to return to the grove. As he's teleporting though she reaches out and grabs his arm. However when he reappears she's not with him. He comes into the tree tells us what happens and turns out he had been poisoned with the drug again.

At this point I'm livid and decide I was just going to make her talk. So I'm at her door step... and she finally opens the door to see it's me and promptly closes it again. So I use a spell that gives me extra arms (well weird looking claws actually) and I proceed to beat her door down. I only manage to get a hole in it when get guard appears. Rather than fighting back I go with them quietly and they stick me in jail. So next morning when I don't appear they ask Warrl where I'm at. He mind calls to me and asks what the deal is. (for some reason he had blocked me, can't remember why at the moment) I tell him and shortly after the deputies come to take me to the judge. After I told him why I was doing what I was doing, he found me guilty.. I don't remember what the sentence was but the bail money was well over 10k gold. So I tell Warrl I'm just going to break out of jail. So I turn into a bird and fly my way out and head back to the grove.

I tell them what happened then, so we come up with a plan to get the rest of the drugged food out of the elf village. So we grab the sacks and go home. So we decide it's time to visit the hag again. So Chufton teleports us directly into her house. When we find another door Tylnn wind walks us and tries to go into the room to find not all of us can fit into it. So I manage to get back into the other room. Well we find her working on some kind of potion making set up. They become solid and she attacks. Somehow we manage to get her tied into a chair and come up with a plan to get her to the grove. So we teleport back to find she's no longer with us. We go back to see her getting teleported out. Figuring they were probably going to be back we try to decide one what to do with the stuff, unluckily they came back almost immediately so we grab what we can while Chufton covered for us. He starts a fire in the house to get rid of what is inside. Unluckily when people tried to put it out they were getting killed by the dark elves that had surrounded the place. He kills a few of them and heads back to the grove.

After a few weeks of research we go back to the elf village to find them killing each other. We manage to get past them and head toward the tree Tylnn had seen the white haired guy. To find out the tree is being protected by some kind of force field. Somehow Tylnn manages to break a hole into it, but is severely injured by it. So we run through the hole. We are greeted by several dark elves and several huge skeleton golems. When Tylnn cast a blade barrier in front of them and tried to heal himself he ends up doing the reverse. So we decide it's time to get out of there. Only Warrl refuses to budge so we're trying to drag him out without success. He tells me to look at him and I do and I'm transfixed wanting to kill this guy too. Somehow the manage to talk me to running and Warrl is still refusing to budge. So I get this bright idea and cover his eyes and he comes to. About this time Tylnn's blade barrier disappears. We haul ass out of there to get Jade and Kal and teleport back to the grove. Once we are safe I recall seeing the eyes of the dark elf in the lead before. I realize that it was Havar and started cussing.

So later on we head back yet again, only this time there's a very large army of dark elves and undead gathering around this huge portal. So we sit at a distance to watch this going on. Chufton gets the idea of trying to close the portal but fails. So eventually the army start slowly going into the portal. After the last of them depart we go to search the tree and find a huge ritual circle surrounded by looks to be hundreds of skulls. After we search the tree Tylnn decides he's gonna try to destroy the circle. He succeeds in doing it. After trying many ways of getting information, we finally learn what the portal was for. We learn destroying the portal was a huge mistake and that we should have followed them instead. We found out their was a goddess that was so corrupted that they sacrificed another god to erase her name from existence and placed it inside a very ancient city. Apparently stripping her of her name removed her powers as well. We also learn the drug that was affecting the elves so outright enslaved dwarves. They were planning to attack a dwarven city in underdark.

So eventually find a way down there, Warrl decides to run ahead. After I mind call him a few times he finally blocks me out. After a few yards we get jumped by one of the huge undead golems. Problem is apparently he had silence on him and none of us could cast near him. So about mid way through the fight, Warrl mind calls and tells me that we need to run that something big was coming and he gets cut off mid sentence so I shout that we need to get out now. We run back to where we came in and teleport back to the grove. So we regroup and head back the next day only to be taunted with Warrl statues. So fast forwarding through our travels in underdark, we eventually figure out that one of the statues is indeed Warrl get him unstoned and all that. Unluckily we were just too far behind the army to be of any help saving the dwarven cities.

next post revelations

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Jun. 11th, 2007 | 10:59 pm
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posted by: ladyguen in lunas_grove

So close to sundown we camp nearish the road. When we wake we find the water barrels are empty so we repair them as good as we can and refill them. We resume travel when the barrels start leaking again. So we stop and cuts start a appearing on the horses so I start cussing at this point. We start looking for the cause of it, somehow we find find the source. Turns out to be a very fast very small creature. Somehow .. I still don't believe my luck .. I try my luck at catching it and I do. So a stand here holding this creature that is insisting on continuing to stab me with his little daggers. Chufton manages to get them out of his hands, and we're talking to it trying to figure out why he attacked us. Jade meanwhile is saying we should just kill it and move on. So we manage to get out of it that someone told him to kill any humans that came down the road. So we're having this huge moral debate on what to do with him. Seems cruel to just kill it but at the same time we didn't want him killing more humans. Drags on long enough it is finally able to break my grip and fleas.

So we start down the road again then make camp again as the sun starts coming down. The tiny creature makes another appearance wanting his weapons back. He tells us that he'd been hired by a large guy to bring him magic items (hello Havar!) so we ask him where he was getting them and he points to the forest behind us. So we end up making a deal with him that if he takes us to this area we'd give back his weapons and protect him if needed. So we follow him for a bit and we come to a clearing with a fairly large tree in the center. He says this is where he got the most magic items from, he cackles and goes to take off when from out of nowhere a tree branch comes down and flattens him. So I carefully walk to the center tree and speak with it. It says he'd been after the quickling for a very long time. Tells me no one with ill intent could enter the grove, so I tell the guys they can enter. They come in without any complications.

So I start asking about the history of the grove. Turns out many elves lived in this tree. At a glance we see a hot spring and 3 other trees surrounding them. All of them have an odd symbol on what appears to be a door. We find out the chests are indeed came from this grove. Also that the situation is far worse than we imagined it was. The chests were portals into hell. That the strange symbols on the ring were sigils. Turns out they are tied to a huge blood war between the devils and demons. That the chests open up into a huge forge. So Chufton starts looking at the trees while the rest of us hop into the spring. After he finds out he is unable to get through the door he comes to tell us. So I go and look at the door on the bigger tree. Just to see if anything will happen I place my hand on the symbol and get sucked through the door. To find myself in a small room with a door to my left and right, that end up being closets. The other door leads to a huge dining room with 2 thrones at the head and sigils lined along the walls. So out of curiosity I touch the symbol to go back out, grab Chufton's hand and touch the symbol again to find that he did come through the door with me. So I exit grab the rest of the group, after much argument from Tylnn..who didn't want to leave the spring, I get them all inside the tree. Looking around we spot our sigils among the ones on the wall.

So exploring the tree we find 2 wings of rooms on the 2nd floor and on the 3rd we find 4 really big rooms with beds made of leaves and branches that end up being far more comfortable that it sounds and a patio with a small hot spring. Chufton, Jade and I claim one of the bigger rooms. Tylnn picks one of the rooms on the 2nd floor. Louis and Kal end up decide they aren't too fond of it and wind up staying in the main dining hall on the floor. The thing we found odd with the 3rd floor is there was a small tree planted in the middle of the room with some seating surrounding it. Searching the other 3 trees we find a storage room, a library/meditation room and to Tylnn's relief a forge. Also we find an area that we later find out where they kept there non-elf slaves in.

So we start looking at the area the quickling said he got the most items and we can't figure where he was getting items so I ask the tree .. turns out it's a living vault. After Chufton does some research we manage to find out the password to the vault. We also find out there is a number of very powerful and unstable magic items within the vault. So after Tylnn redoes the spell to silence the chest we stick them into the vault.

Fast forwarding a bit we start down the road again, red dragon tries to "mug" us, we defeat it and as we are trying to find his cave we're found by his mate. Long story short she also fleas we track her down. Turns out this red dragon had been collecting items from travelers on the road for several years. So we almost have her defeated when she hold up a stick saying that she'll blow us all up with the stick. We're arguing with her there's no way we were going to leave to let her continue killing the travelers on the road. All the while we're arguing she's healing herself, and I decide we've waited enough and have the elemental I had try to take the staff from her. The stick breaks and she disappears. A few moments later the area with the eggs collapses.

Tylnn goes to start sorting items out of the huge pile of gold behind us. Deciding there's no place we can hold all the silver and copper so we decide to donate it to Wheloon. So Chufton uses a spell that allows him to travel through the shadow plane to go back to the grove to retrieve our bag of holding and Tylnn is the only to go with him. So the rest of us start sorting. They come back and we decide to teleport back to the grove, Kal decides he's not too fond of that mode of transportation and Chufton conjures him a smoke horse that he rides back to the grove. After this I teleport back with them to Wheloon so we can talk Darren. He tells us we can dump the coins in one of the rooms after several trips of this the room is full almost to the ceiling and they get told to dump the rest of it in another room. So I wander back to where they are dumping it about the time they finish.

Trying to decide what to do we overhear Darren talking to what looks to a very pissed off female elf. So were looking at the walls trying to not overhear the conversation, but we hear her mention Havar. Then we hear something digging in the coins. The elf looks in the direction and says "Get out of that!" then we see something come out of the coins. Chufton asks the elf if it's her familiar and the halfing (at the time we didn't know what it was, had never seen one) gets pissed. Starts threatening to kill him, so they teleport out via some kind of item. (Just as a side note the halfing and elf by the name of Duncan and Ariel.. Duncan a former character of the guy currently playing Chufton.. Ariel the formerly played by DM) Fast Forwarding again we end up in Highmoon where the next post will pick up

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Wheloon Part 2

Jun. 11th, 2007 | 08:43 pm
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Few days later, we start having odd dreams. We're all left with the impression that we've been the reason the city has been attacked. That the gold we've been spending is actually cursed as well. Every time we spent the gold for ourselves the more chances of us getting attacked. We also find out that the rings have been calling to it's makers. Farmer's start streaming into town saying their homes are being raided again. We make the decision to move the chests out of town, assuming the the incoming army would follow us rather than attack the city. So we haul ass out of town a few miles out and bury the chests When we figure out the army isn't following we head back to town.

We're greeted with the sight of 3 boats catapulting the city wall. So we start catching the boats on fire, and the fight begins. After the boats are all on fire, chufton starts flying the group to the top of the wall. Since Warrl was too big for us to pick up he runs around through gate. We deal with the orcs in the immediate area, I sense Warrl is fighting is something but I don't know where. Once we start toward the next section we see Warrl running our direction closely being followed by 2 huge ogres. One that has his jaw completely ripped off.

Then Warrl drops to the ground. Chufton manages to web them out of range of Warrl. Naturally I'm not amused about this.. so I use the call lightning I had up and fry them and 1 is dead.. other is barely alive. (don't remember who actually kills the 2nd one) After the other is dead I make my way to Warrl, he's alive but not by much. I manage to get him healed enough to walk but that's it. From this point it was a matter of clean up, this is when we start hearing that there was a bone dragon that just suddenly left as suddenly as he appeared. There was also a beholder (granted at the time we had no idea what it was) that did a huge amount of damage that also just left. Eating people on his path out though. So we are surveying the damage when we realize Louis is nowhere to be seen, so I start searching for him. Find him near the gate Warrl came through. Tells me he saw the beholder leaving.

So we go find Chufton to tell him about the beholder leaving. Shortly after a kid comes up to Chufton and asks if he is Chufton.. he says yes and the kid hands him a scroll and says a large man asked him to give him the scroll. Chufton opens the scroll begins to read and it blows up in his face. After he's slightly burned he finishes reading the scroll which reads "You're still alive? Damn!" So at this point start suspecting that kid wasn't a kid and we take off after him. I catch up to him, suddenly I start thinking that maybe Havar isn't so bad.. that maybe we should stop fighting. (ya.. charm really sucks ass) Chufton catches up shortly after and confronts the kid/Havar. During this Warrl comes bounding up knocks me to the ground and goes right for my neck and snaps it. Needless to say I go unconscious at this point. Then he collapses next to me. Havar freaks and uses a device and teleports out.

They gather us up and take us to the inn, since Warrl practically killed me I stay out cold for a week or so. (Not that I'm complaining .. I shudder to think what would have happened if Havar managed to take me with him) Warrl tells the guys I'm alive but would be out for awhile. (just fyi he communicates via mind to mind can do with with anyone he choices) So it's decided that we're going to continue on to the elven lands. While I'm still out they go and retrieve the chests. Tylnn also finds a way to silence the chests, but it requires him to recast every 7 days.

next traveling..

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Wheloon - Part One

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The plan was to stay a few days...so we get one of the larger rooms in the first inn we see. Tylnn starts making a shield for himself and a breastplate for Kaldar. Chufton ends up doing some alchemy making greek fire. Kaldar mostly hung out in the room, I really don't know what he did when he wasn't. Jade and Louis we set loose to buy themselves some gear. I ended up in the room most of the time with the fun, fun job of trying to count the gold in the chest. The highest I counted and held on to my sanity was 30k of just gold and plus we were on the 2nd floor.. so there was some concern about dumping a few tons of gold on the people below us. Tylnn tries sticking a sword into it to try to find a bottom. Scary enough.. he doesn't find one.

Going through the other chests.. we start with the weapons and again the chest doesn't seem to have a bottom just an endless supply of swords. The thing we can't fathom is there is an aura of strong evil emanating from all but one. Which ends up being a wood knife. Moving on to the next chest endless supply of bags of any gem you can name in all sorts of colors and sizes. Last but not least the rings.. again endless supply of them .. same evil aura. A few days go by like this. Tylnn working on his armor while the rest of us pretty much goofed off.

Chufton happens to be wandering near the gate one day when a farmer comes running into town talking about an orc raiding his Home. Chufton gets the location and runs into Jade. They decide to go check it out, Chufton pays a kid to take a message to Tylnn at the forge. Runs into Warrl on the way out so he joins them as well. So naturally the kid spends it.. then worries about taking the message. Meanwhile they get to the the farmhouse and it's surround by a few hundred orc. So Chufton flies over the group too see how many are here and fireballs the area killing quiet a few. Needless to say he got noticed and they started throwing spears and arrows in his direction. Jade and Warrl also end up getting spotted about the same time. Jade starts throwing lightning bolts and Warrl starts attacking anything that came near her.

They manage to kill what looked to be the leader and the rest of em take off, so they follow and start taking out the ones in the rear. When they run of of magics they head back to Wheloon. Tylnn gets the message about the time they are already headed back, and comes to find me. Few more days later, a scout reports there is a large army headed to Wheloon. So we start helping in the defense of the city. The attack begins, they manage to get a couple of the gates down but they don't get in too far into the city. After the combined efforts of the casters of the group we were able to take down the towers they had. After that it was fairly simple. We had losses of course. Tylnn ended up doing 90% of the healing because most of the healers died during the attack. I helped as much as I could but there really wasn't much I could do then. So we ended up sticking around and helped rebuild the city. Tylnn continues working on the armor we rested.. I managed some cooking lesson's of course since we had such a big part of saving the city the ladies were practically jumping to teach me.

A month goes by.. another scout reports seeing a large boat with orcs on it, in the river headed towards Wheloon. The Captain of the Guard asks if we could go scout this. So we again into the direction the orcs were spotted. The scout group ends up going toward the river while we went toward another group of orcs that had been spotted. We find a group of orcs that look like they are arguing over a pile a loot they had just gotten. We end up getting spotted and we defeat them and among the bodies we find a gem that looks to have someone trapped in it. We also find out how to break it. Tylnn talks to his God to find out if breaking the gem is a good idea. He gets "you'll gain a powerful ally and lose one" So I volunteer to break the gem with one of the magic daggers we had found earlier. Tylnn talks me into waiting overnight so he could place a spell on him that would take half of whatever damage the gem inflicted. So I thrust the dagger into the gem and boom I barely live through the blast. I'd been dead had Tylnn not casted the spells he had. Still ended up with gem pieces in my skin and hair though.

There standing in the remains of the gem is this.. creature. What looks to be an elven lich? We all get different reactions to his aura. Chufton sees this powerful magic, Tylnn that he is definitely undead and me a powerful force of nature. The trees around us had taken a beating due to the fire and ice spells being thrown. We notice that the forest is actually healing itself in his presence. Animals gathering at his feet and asks who we are.. where he was and who he was. So we talk him into coming to Wheloon with us about a day outside city. He regains part of his memory.. says he is needed at home and vanishes in a poof of leaves. I pick one up and oddly enough it's magical. Being totally drained of magic we camp for the night. Debating on if we should go into town or find the scout group we decide on going back to town would be best.

Once in town we do our usual things and that night we take watches .. me taking the first as always. Mostly out of habit more than anything. So I'm looking at this leaf I picked up, when the next thing I know I look down and there's a dagger tip sticking out of my chest. I manage a scream and pass out waking the others to see me getting wrapped in leaf armor. When I come to they are fighting this guy. Who ends up being our new enemy the black dragon. They get him into flee mode again when a wall of stone appears. So he manages to get back into Dragon form and fly out the window, shouting he'd be back yet again.

Then.. it gets nasty.. remember us on second floor? Well like most inns most of the floors are wood. We hear this groaning and watch helplessly as the stone wall crashes through the floor. So we spend the next few hours pulling people out of this huge pile of rock and wood. I lot of them end up losing limbs and family members. So we end up donating a sack of gold to each person that was injured or had family members killed or maimed. Next morning we start helping with the rebuilding of the Inn and donating a large sum of gold to them as well.

I was gonna try to wait for DM and Hazer to return but doesn't look like that's gonna happen. So I'm off to bed, part 2 later today.

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Finding Louis (this one is fairly long)

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Not really finding we we wanted.. we head back to Arabel. Well near Arabel at the very least. Using parts from Jade's former house we build a small house near a river. After it's all built we start tracking orcs. We think there's a base somewhere in the area, just don't know where. Sometime after this we get woken in the middle of the night to walk out being pelted by arrows. Don't know exactly where they are coming from just across the river. Chufton casts on of his large spells and I soon cast briar web to trap any he missed. At some point the house is burnt down by the goblins. Soon after the "head" goblin ( at least I *think* it was a goblin) comes out of the forest area to surrender. Tells us he attacked us be cause we were on "goblin holy ground" or some BS like that.

Turns out he was just waiting on the rest to arrive. The rest make us retreat and we realize they aren't going to let us we stop and start forming a plan to strike back.
Eventually we make them flea back toward the "holy ground" and they split into smaller groups and continue to flea. Trying to track one group ended up being utterly pointless. The tracks just split up again and end. Though we do end up meeting an Orc who is also hunting other orc. He tells us where he thinks the main orc base is. (I think so at least lol) So we end up trying to find a cave to remake the fort at .. we find one but is occupied by a bear. Bear agrees to let us stay there but Tylnn decides he doesn't want to live with a bear, talks about building a stone hut in the area we camped in the previous night.

Shortly after we arrive back at the camp site we see a horse dragging behind part of a cart. So I go catch the horse while everyone but Jade goes in the direction the horse came from. I drop the horse off with Jade and join them. So we find 3 carts in a circle with surrounded by orcs. Only they don't look like the typical orc we've been dealing with. They looked bigger .. tougher. When we get a glimpse into the circle, it's a massacre.. people and horses slaughtered. One orc is shouting at the only lady alive and she's sobbing .. begging for her life. Also in the center is a young boy. Chufton climbs under one of the wagons hoping to distract the yelling orc. Kal charges them unluckily too late for the lady just as he arrives the lady is beheaded. Tylnn and I come from the other side holds one of the orcs near Kal one wearing a dress no less. I put a cold "dot" on him and summon a badger and have it attack on of the orcs attacking Chufton. Tylnn summons a celestial bee and has him attacking one just outside the circle and runs in to heal Kal. Just as a side note this was one *pissed off* badger I'm telling you he ripped through several orcs like they were nothing.

As the guys and the pissed badger were finishing off the rest of the orcs, I start too look for more survivors with no luck. We manage to coax the boy away from the wagons and learn his name is Louis. Looking through the wagons, we end up finding 4 rather unusual looking chests underneath the boards of one of the wagons. Assuming the chests are the reason the caravan was attacked, we carry them to the bear cave along with other useful stuff like pots, pans, blankets.. just regular household items we didn't have at the time. We go back to the wagons to bury Louis' family and set the wagons on fire and toss the orcs into the fire. Unluckily we didn't have to time to properly bury the horses and the guards that were with the family so they were also burned on one of the other wagons.

With Louis' help we find out how to open the chests without killing ourselves we find a chest full of gold, 1 of small bags of gems, 1 full of magic and non-magic weapons and 1 full of magic rings. When we asked Louis about it he said over the course of several years people brought his father the items. They were running and the orcs were sent to retrieve the chests. Then we came to the conclusion why the orcs showed no mercy whatsoever to the people guarding and the people within the caravan. Also assume that if Havar didn't know about us having the chests he would soon find out from one of the orcs that escaped.

So we camp for the night and decide to head to the Elven lands. By way of Wheloon (ya nowhere near spelled right too lazy to look it up) So we start that way to find a group of orcs surrounding a group of Purple Knights, they look fairly hurt so we join the fray. After the battle after each side let's their guard down some. We find out the one in charge is named Darren and they were traveling between towns hunting orcs as we had been. So we give him the map given to us by the orc (ranger?) and tell him that we think this is the main orc base for this area. And we continue on our way to the next town to get a cart and some horses. From there we head towards Wheloon. We camp with a group of guards from Wheloon that are patrolling the area.

When one of us (can't remember who atm) notice a goblin sneaking around in the woods near camp. When the rest of the group and the guards are awakened we realize the group of goblins aren't trying to attack us they are simply walking around us. The goblins are all drunk apparently and when they see they are found many of them start falling. The guards start laughing at this. Then it dawns on us that the goblins might be just a distraction and we start looking around.

After a few moments we spot a shadow of something flying in the sky. Not sure what it is or that it is after us we watch it as it comes closer. Hoping it is simply flying over we continue watching but remain prepared just in case. The shape turns out to be a small black dragon and he proceeds to kill the guards by breathing acid on them and the goblins behind them. After a tough battle we make the dragon retreat. Dragon swears that it's not the last we'll see of him and continues flying off into the distance. We move camp and figure out the probably wasn't random and it was after the chests. So we continue on get within a mile of the town and decide to take a break and swim some in the river. After being in town for a bit we decide to stay in town for a few days instead of just passing through as planned.

next adventures in Wheloon

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Finding Jade

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So at this point the Arabel area is overrun with orcs. We also know said orcs are somehow in league with Havar. Decided course of action is to head south. Along the way spot and follow some orc tracks and some unknown very large tracks to a farmhouse. The larger tracks lead to a fairly big well, so big we never actually found out exactly what was in the well. Though we suspected it was an ogre. Anyway, so we head into the farmhouse. After some looking we come to a door that when we open it a huge friggin spider drops down and I close the door. After a few moments of debate I reopen said door and spider is gone. So we enter room spider drops down again but fumbles and soon dies. (2 natural 20s.. DM was not amused)

I volunteer to go up the cubby hole to search the attic. This is where I find several cocooned bodies, looking I find 1 person barely alive. I pull her out of the cocoon and pass her down to the rest of the party and then search for spider eggs. Once found I haul the eggs down to the fireplace and light them on fire. Didn't want them hatching and taking over the area. Afterward I try healing her she regains some color but does not come to. So we continue to the next town and get a room for the night. Eventually she comes to and we find out her name is Jade. We tell her that we are out to find out why there are so many orc in the area. She tells us that the orcs raided their home killed her parents and her brother then have to watch them all be cocooned by the spider and eaten. Decides she wants to come along to get revenge for her family. Much to the annoyance of the other 3, especially Chufton when she starts on the 20 questions on what he's casting.

Next how we found Louis

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First adventure

Jun. 10th, 2007 | 12:47 pm
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Well it started out as most do.. in a tavern. We were all drinking..when Chufton's brother, Havar, shows up to taunt us as usual. Havar says he wants us to check out this old monastery for reasons I really don't remember actually. So after more fighting with Havar we set off. When we find said monastery and start searching... we eventually find a room packed with skeletons. Tylnn manages to get most of them turned and the fight goes fairly well. Until of course we get to the last one, which totally whips our ass! We've got the thing surrounded and not a single one of us can hit the thing! He's able to hit us left and right till all but 1 us unconscious our wizard chufton that is armed with a table leg he had found earlier in the upper part of the monastery. Finally Chufton gets the lucky hit and DM informs us we almost got killed by a skeleton with 1 damn hp... So he's able to get us conscious and we head home. On the way out we go back to a door that had us confused, none of us were able to open it. After much study we conclude it's not actually a door it's just a door carved into a stone wall.

After we arrive back in Arabel, (I'm not 100% on the order of events but I'll get close enough) we're arrested and taken to jail. Apparently someone had accused Chufton of raping a small girl. Rest of us were guilty by association. Of course he didn't do it.. the time they claimed it happened we were already at the monastery. Then the "victim" runs in and starts this huge argument. They finally accept that Chufton has an alibi. We meet up at Luna's place to decided our next course of action. We eventually come the the conclusion that Havar most likely illusioned his bodyguard into a little girl and Havar took on Chufton's appearance. Kaldar and Chufton head back to Arabel to get stuff from their homes, and get warned by one of the guards that they were to be exiled from the city. The bodyguard, Brint and Havar eventually end up at Luna's place and attack them. The really creepy thing there's a baby strapped to Brint's shield. So while I'm dealing with Havar the rest of them manage to get Brint grappled to the ground and get the shield pried from him. Meanwhile Havar decides to make a run for it get Brint and hauls butt out. During the course of this fight Havar informs the rest of us we are no longer welcome in Arabel. *Edit sorry I forgot to say the child on the shield ended up being an illusion.


Won't bore you with all of our adventures until I'm caught up to current stuff, will just do highlights from here, next how we found Jade.

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